Rules, Prizes & Voting

Contestant Eligibility

  1. Contestants must be represented by a legal guardian who is the age of 21 years of age or older as of the date of entry. The legal guardian will comply by completing the Contest Entry Form.
  2. An Entry Fee of $20 will be required with submission.
  3. Age Groups are: 4-7/ ages 8-10/ ages 11-13/ ages 14-17.
  4. Please provide 2 to 3 photos only. At least one profile head shot, no larger than 1024 x 1024. No large close up image.
  5. An Introduction Video telling us why you love what you do, and what becoming a Wonderyouth would mean to you. The video must be no more than 59 seconds and filmed in landscape mode. 
  6. 2 Performance Videos, effective June 15, 2020, MUST be provided as LINKS ONLY to YouTube, Vimeo, or a Website. Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes or less, and no older than 12 months. 

Special Instructions for “Quarantine Creations”, and “Host” entries:

(a) “Quarantine Creations” category requires the contestant state the follow in their performance video intro; This is my quarantine creation”, then immediately proceed with creation of the video in one take, so we know it was created during quarantine. Submissions will not be accepted without the intro, or if edited.

b) “Hosts” Category requires contestant to recite our WGT Script in one of their performance video submission. No edits are allowed. Host Category Script  

Please refer to the Contest Entry Form for more information and details regarding all of the above, as well as the Contest Regulations & Category Descriptions.

NOTE: After a Contestant Entry Form Submission has been received, it will be reviewed and if it meets the Rules & Requirements the Contestant Profile will be viewable and available for voting the following day.

Prizes – 3 Tiers For Each Category

HERO AWARD ~ (for youths with disabilities) 

  • 1st Place ~ A 1 hr Private Zoom Meeting and Training/Assessment. 
  • Face to Face Meeting with one of the Famous Judges
  • A Day Pass  to Disneyland.


  • 1st Place ~ A 1 hr Private Zoom Meeting and training/assessment.  A Face to Face Meeting with one of the Famous Judges. Career & Demo Assistance
  • 2nd Place ~ A 30 minute Private Zoom Meeting with one of the Famous Judges. Career & Demo Assistance.
  • 3rd Place ~ A 15 minute Private Zoom Meeting with one of the Famous Judges. Career & Demo Assistance
  • 6 Judges Honorable Mention Awards ~ A 30 minute shared Zoom Meeting with one of the Famous Judges.


  • 1st Place ~ $300, a 15 minute meet & greet private Zoom Meeting with one of our Famous Judges.
  • 2nd Place ~ $200
  • 3rd Place ~ $150 

Contestant Eligibility

  • Voters can vote for as many contestants as they wish in each category by purchasing the amount of votes they want to buy for each contestant. Simply click on the “Buy Vote” icon located on the contestant’s profile. Votes can not be distributed or transferred.

Prize placement distribution is subject to change if the contest category does not meet the threshold required in regards to having at least 5 contestants per category, as well as the talent being evaluated. For Example: If there are only 3 contestants in a category, that does not mean that all 3 automatically place 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Cash prizes for the “Highest Public Votes” winners are also contingent on a required minimum number of votes purchased per category. If the amounts are not reached, the cash prizes can not be allocated. However, if a contestant with the highest public votes impresses the judges, then they have a good chance of placing in another prize category.