Nathalie Yves Gaulthier

Nathlie Gaulthier

WGT Creator & Host

Nathalie was recently commissioned in Oslo, Norway, to create a theatrical cirque-musical act for the Nobel Peace Prize Concert which aired in over 100 countries. Her piece, “Hero”, with 23 young prodigies received a rousing standing ovation from 10,000 people and a private meeting with the Princess and King of Norway and the Nobel Peace Prize committee, as well
as much international press.

Ms. Gaulthier is one of the Global experts/Circus TV judge on the wall of the world in Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell’s #1 hit , 22 million viewers TV series CBS’s “THE WORLD’S BEST” with Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill Rupaul and James Corden. She has created acts, full choreographs and full shows for: The Nobel Peace Prize Committee, The Dalai Lama, The Sultan of Brunei, international royalty, Dubai United Arab Emirates, world leaders, Fortune 500 CEO’s, national casinos, TV, film and stages all over the world.

Nathalie also privately trains Britney Spears in flexibility/tumbling and is currently choreographing a circus sequence and editing a music video for hit artist’s Lukas Graham’s new music video for his “Scars” song with Warner Bros Records. Founder of award winning and famed Le PeTiT CiRqUe® in Los Angeles in 2012 and an international show creator, Nathalie seeks out gifted young talent via social media and holds casting sessions and casts the world’s most incredible kids in circus, dance, singing, music,
martial arts, variety acts and young activists. She then creates empowering and meaningful family entertainment shows for the greater good with these gifted youths nationally and internationally and is often a circus or youth consultant/acting coach on film/TV sets.
She has booked, trained and launched the careers of numerous Cirque du Soleil and Euro circus/variety acts artists since 1990.
Working alongside some of Hollywood’s top directors, she has worked as a circus consultant and/or acting coach on numerous projects: Ellen Degeneres, Little Big Shots, SAVING FLORA feature, Born this way, ANGER MANAGEMENT, NBC’s THE CAPE, SPANGLISH, DARK WATER, DADDY DAY to name a few. *numerous television series, episodic and commercials. She currently booked and represents the lead actress “Phoenix” in Cirque du Soleil’s new TV series “BIG TOP ACADEMY” 52 episodes on Hulu, POP TV and Discovery kids.

An inspirational award-winning public speaker, she recently gave a speech in Norway about the disarmament of nuclear weapons on behalf of 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Bea Finn. She has been a public speaker about her unique and inspirational story “the white Inuit” since the 1990’s.

As a philanthropist and humanitarian, Nathalie has raised over $6.3 million in the past 7 years for numerous organizations/charities around the world and she is also the first to ever fly paralyzed youths in her productions , in circus harnesses alongside able-bodied artists. She has won numerous awards, including 3 X BEST DIRECTOR in the USA , Most Outstanding Production, Best Production etc , at the National Youth Awards 2015-2019.

She owns LA’s largest circus training facility (a 10,000 sq. ft studio warehouse) and full 250 seat theatre in Los Angeles where many shows are produced, and TV/Film are shot. Her facility is where PINK, CHER, Neil Patrick Harris, DEADPOOL, WONDERWOMAN, XMEN PHOENIX, Marvel Comics etc .. train and rehearse.

Nathalie was a renowned child actor on television, films, and recording artist in both Canadian and American projects. Performing as a lead or guest star in over 8 Television series and numerous films, she acted in Symphorien, Cher Isabelle, Le Jardin des Etoiles, Fan Fan Dee Dee etc and recorded several children’s records as a singer. She became the National Public Speaking champion for 6 consecutive years in both French and her newly learned language, English. She founded her talent agency and youth programs at age 14, attended McGill University at 15 as a gifted child and completed high school early with honors. She then attended Concordia
University /BFA Drama in Education with a minor in child psychology. By age 28, she owned 4 of the most successful Talent agencies in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Beverly Hills ; “Gaulthier Artists Inc” and launched numerous child and young adult stars. She has booked numerous artists in Film, TV, Cirque Du Soleil, European Circuses, commercials, national ad campaigns with Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey and has launched the careers of numerous Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe nominees/winners and has in the past represented Ryan Gosling, Ben Platt, Hayden Christensen, Elisha Cuthbert, Rachel Blanchard, Jay Baruchel , AJ Cook, Kevin Zegers etc.. with her own talent agencies which had over 30 agents in north America. As a former columnist writer, Nathalie was the youngest journalist ever contracted to a large newspaper at age 17 and had her own Entertainment Column for 5 years in Montreal’s THE CHRONICLE Newspaper. She was subsequently nominated for several journalism awards. She has also received nominations in: Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Business Awards, Heart of GoldAward,  Journalism Awards and can be found in the Canadian and International/World WHO’S WHO Publications for 28 years in a row (as one of the 12,000 most notable people) and is listed in the “1000 Most Influential People of the Century” book and has been on the cover of numerous publications and international television appearances. 

Relentless and a true believer that ALL IS POSSIBLE, her company swag and promos appear in all presenter and nominee Gift Bags for the Oscars, The Grammys, AMA, CMAS and The Emmys since 2012. Nathalie has been listed in the Canadian WHO’WHO’s publications for 20 years and you can also find her in the published books: “The most influential people of the 21st century” .