Host Category Script

Host Category Required Script for Video Submission

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to the very FIRST online global youth talent search by industry professionals. 

WonderYouth Global Talent is the first of its kind and we are seeking the most gifted kids and teens from every corner of the globe.

I am one of your hosts for WGT and my name is : ___________________________________

I am ____ year old and I like to : _________________________________________________.

Thank you to all of you that are joining us and we have some incredible acts, talents and works of art to show you . Can we kindly have a huge round of applause for all of our young talents!

Can we see some excitement? Thank you . 

So, before I continue,  does anyone know what WGT is really about? Any random guesses?

Well, here we go! WonderYouth Global Talent was organized by a former talent agent to young stars and TV judges, heads of Casting for cirque du Soleil, Grammy producers and world renowned artists in order to help launch a new young star!

(Ages 4-6 Can End Here)  All others continue below – 

You are about to witness some of the greatest kids and teens on the planet!

I am so glad you could all be here to support authentic talents of the next generation. 

We may be small, we may be short of year of living on this planet, but we have much to share with the world. 

I once  : “___________add short story here) ____________”

Alright, enough about me, let’s get this WGT competition GOING FULL FORCE !


Don’t forget to look at our entries and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

This is your host, “______ add name here ____” signing off from WGT!